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With that said, there are plenty of fashion brands out there that are producing high-quality, eco-friendly collections — and which don't sacrifice style — so that you can enjoy shopping with a clear conscience.

Don't miss our Unstitched franchise, where every month we focus on one brand that knows exactly what it means to be a sustainable force for good in fashion today.

Of course, being more sustainable with fashion goes further than the labels you buy from. Whether it's shopping at sustainable shopping destinations , embracing the rental market , or opting for secondhand over buying new , there are many steps you can take toward becoming greener when it comes to shopping.

It doesn't stop there, as caring for your purchases properly is also key to making sure they last as long as possible and don't end up getting thrown away. But, if you are shopping new, then there are sustainable ways to do so. There are plenty of brands out there to invest in that are working hard to carve out a greener space in the fashion industry.

We have asked some of our favourite labels what it means to be a sustainable brand in fashion today — see what they had to say on the topic below. SHOP E. V DENIM. V Denim is a great name to know when it comes to shopping for a sustainable wardrobe. The luxury label — which is based in its East London studio, and was founded in — specialises in timeless, yet statement designs made from per cent upcycled materials, meaning garments don't end up in landfill and harm our planet.

Anna Foster, founder of E. V Denim: "We need to encourage others to champion local manufacturing and slow fashion. I'm proud to be a thought leader in this space, however, this journey is not just for me and E.

We all need to be part of this change. SHOP NINETY PERCENT. Ninety Percent puts responsible, sustainable practices above all else. This is exactly where the brand gets its name; Ninety Percent donates 90 per cent of its profits to the people that make the collections happen and five worthwhile causes.

The brand offers soft, modern tailoring and new silhouettes that all complement each other — perfect for capsule dressing and your forever wardrobe. Elliot Atkinson, creative director at Ninety Percent: "I was a co-founder and creative director at BITE Studios for four years in the brand's inception.

This experience really set the creative language of a brand for me; aligning a supply chain and process with sustainability at its core comes as second nature. Crafting pieces that are built to stand the test of time is key to me for real sustainable clothing; both mine and the founders' ethics at Ninety Percent are aligned, working collaboratively to make lasting change.

SHOP HOUSE OF MARICI. House of Marici is an accessories brand working to create environmentally conscious alternatives to luxury leather handbags.

This led to her creating her brand House of Marici, which uses plant-based materials, without sacrificing great style. Amanda Navian, founder of House of Marici: "My concept of a sustainable brand goes back to , when I first came across Piñatex [leather alternative made from pineapple leaves] and was blown away by it.

For me, true sustainability means using natural products that are here on Earth rather than synthetic alternatives. SHOP SÉZANE. Parisian brand Sézane has a simple aim — to create high-quality, perfectly cut pieces designed to be worn forever. Over its 10 years in the industry, the label continues to focus on limited-quantity items, operating with an alternative model that is equal parts creative, innovative and eco-friendly.

You can read more about the brand's sustainable commitments here. Morgane Sézalory, founder of Sézane: "Sézane is sustainable by essence, with a responsible production model which has no intermediaries, flash sales or overproduction. An ideology followed since the creation of Sézane, which has led the brand to be B-Corp Certified.

From the choice of production methods, raw materials, and working conditions, to the environmental footprint and engagement in the community, B-Corp is the stringent and independent validation of what Sézane stands for.

SHOP BRØGGER. Julie Brøgger launched her Danish label in based on the idea that longevity is key to a greener wardrobe and consuming fashion in a better way.

Brøgger is committed to low-impact production and is known for its perfect balance between masculine and feminine aesthetics, via sharp tailoring and soft silhouettes. Julie Brøgger, designer: "With the current situation in the world, from a looming recession to war in Europe, choosing a more sustainable way to produce and work is really being challenged.

Sustainability is still a big investment for Brøgger, but one that I believe will future-proof us. SHOP STELLA MCCARTNEY. Stella McCartney writes on her website that 'eco' shouldn't be a word "that immediately conjures up images of oatmeal-coloured fashion or garments that are oversized or lacking in any sort of luxury or beauty, detailing or desirability".

McCartney is known as one of the pioneers in designing ethically and challenges that stereotype, from never using leather or fur to helping the environment by protecting endangered forests.

Stella McCartney, designer: "Fashion has a deep history and tradition. From my early days working on Saville Row, I've developed a great appreciation for the legacy of these creative forces who came before and upon which we now build.

It's truly been an honour to work alongside talented teams who embrace the challenges of our era, while building a brand with lasting significance. I can only hope that my work in sustainability, innovation and regenerative materials will serve to inspire future generations.

I believe it is really the way we need to work now and in the future. SHOP GABRIELA HEARST. Last September, Hearst staged the first carbon-neutral fashion show during New York Fashion Week, minimising its carbon footprint through working with EcoAct and making a sizeable equivalent donation to the Hifadhi-Livelihoods Project in Kenya.

The designer says around 25 per cent of her collections are made from dead stock — materials that would have previously ended up in landfill — and she works with women across Uruguay who make her designs by hand.

SHOP MOTHER OF PEARL. Mother of Pearl has perfected the art of designing with a conscience by producing contemporary, wearable pieces. Creative director Amy Powney has reworked the brand's entire supply chain, by introducing natural fibres, transparent manufacturing, and a socially responsible approach to suppliers.

Amy Powney, Creative Director, Mother of Pearl: "There is no handbook on how to make a sustainable brand today, you have to start at the beginning. This means lots of research, asking millions of questions and some travel to understand things with your own eyes.

We've reworked our entire supply chain this way; introducing natural fibres such as Tencel, transparent manufacturing, and a socially responsible approach to suppliers. We give access to the full story behind our products via our online sustainable attribute filter, giving the consumer the power to make informed choices.

SHOP BROTHER VELLIES. Designer Aurora James launched Brother Vellies in , intending to keep traditional African design practices and techniques alive through her luxury footwear label.

Artisans from across the globe create collections from vegetable-tanned leathers, soling from recycled tires, hand-carved wood, floral-dyed feathers, and fabrics. The Brooklyn-based label is loved by some of the world's most stylish women, including Solange Knowles and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies: "Sustainability is at the core of the Brother Vellies brand. We are proud to help create and maintain artisanal jobs around the world by partnering with artisans who have been developing their craft over multiple generations.

We seek to lessen the impact of our production practices by being careful with production quantities, minimising waste, reusing materials, and continuously seeking to improve our processes. Sustainability to us means building products that are meant to last, treating one another with respect, and thinking about the impact we are leaving on the world.

SHOP STINE GOYA. Copenhagen-based label Stine Goya is known for its playful, colourfully printed dresses and separates. Goya is committed to sustainable practices, reducing waste and using smart fabrics.

Stine Goya, designer: "Being a sustainable brand in today's fashion industry can mean a lot of different things. For us, it means that every action we take is done so as responsibly as possible with the planet and its people in mind.

Becoming a sustainable brand is a journey and we try to be as transparent as possible throughout. It is challenging but actually pushes us to be more creative at the same time. I believe it is useful for consumers to know that there are so many different avenues to becoming more sustainable and that every individual making a small effort is contributing to positive change in the world.

Every effort counts and we should all encourage each other to make more responsible choices in everyday life. SHOP BITE STUDIOS. Bite an acronym for By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress was born in Stockholm by four co-founders with a combined passion for sustainability.

The minimalist label, made using certified organic fabrics, comprises 20 fixed styles that are updated seasonally, promoting the idea of timeless clothes that are made to last. The results are elegant, well-cut pieces in shades of navy, oatmeal, and grey with pops of orange thrown in for good measure.

William Lundgren, co-founder and CEO of BITE Studios: "Our mission is to create uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed clothes.

By creating a thoughtful, pared-down wardrobe with meticulous attention to fabrics and details we can offer high-end clothing with minimal impact on the environment. Each BITE piece is created with the lightest possible environmental footprint with a continuous strive to find more sustainable solutions.

Right now, 96 per cent of the luxury materials in our collections are of organic, recycled, or low-impact origin. Each piece is designed to be exceptional; to stand the test of time.

We also offer a circular system, called BITE buyback, with the aim to ensure a longer lifespan for garments and textiles already part of the fashion ecosystem. SHOP ASKET. Asket focuses on giving its customers the perfect fit — which, as we know, is key to any capsule wardrobe.

If you're purchasing the right size with good quality, you won't need to keep replacing, therefore taking a greener approach to your wardrobe. With 50 sizes available, there's truly something for everyone with Asket.

Only by reducing product output and decreasing consumption habits, can we turn around issues surrounding the fashion industry. Instead building a permanent collection of garments designed on the principle of maximum mileage, honouring the resources it takes to create them, and with it slowing down society's insatiable need for replacement.

SHOP MAGGIE MARILYN. Maggie Marilyn believes transparency is key when it comes to being a responsible brand. The designer is always vocal about who makes her collections, where the materials are sourced and what the supply chain looks like.

This year, the brand received its B Corp certification, recognising it for its social and environmental impacts — meaning shoppers can trust Maggie Marilyn when they say they're using fashion to create a better world.

Maggie Hewitt, founder and designer at Maggie Marilyn: "Unfortunately, the word sustainability is still largely unregulated and therefore susceptible to misinterpretation and greenwashing. For Maggie Marilyn, our commitment continues to be running our business in harmony with people and the planet, and forging a future in fashion that is rooted in transparency, circularity, regeneration and inclusion.

SHOP NYNNE. Nynne represents a culture of buying less but buying better. The label does this by focusing on eight key areas of sustainability which it aims to implement throughout its operation; materials, production, proximity, avoiding deadstock, consciousness, durability, packaging, and its own 'Diana' concept.

The brand's signature piece, the 'Diana' dress, represents Nynne's way of designing - pieces that are versatile, stylish, and timeless. Nynne Kunde, founder of Nynne: "Sustainability should be incorporated into most businesses in some way as a standard.

For us, it means being a brand that has a business-wide focus on sustainable practices and taking hard and cost-effective decisions to run an ethical production. Beyond this, to be a truly sustainable brand today, we need to put resources and a lot of effort into textile research, trying to change consumer behaviour to move away from fast fashion and educate our customers to buy better.

SHOP SHEEP INC. Founders set up Sheep Inc. to demonstrate that there can be a new way of producing fashion and where clothes are part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Transparent, fair-trade, eco-friendly, organic, and certified undies for every day. Slow fashion from Brooklyn. Comfortable, elevated classics with an edge for real women who have sophisticated style. Use their Sustainability filter to find products made with sustainable materials in Fair Trade factories.

Organic cotton, made in Canada, redistribute part of the benefits to social projects. Kelly Slater honest and sustainable outdoor fashion brand. All the basics for the whole family.

Outdoor clothing brand, pioneer in sustainability, and responsible working conditions. Use sustainable fibers and factories where people are treated fairly. A beautiful multi-brand marketplace exclusively offering products made ethically.

FASHION IMPACT. Fashion Issues. Fiber Eco-review. Reducing our impact. Shop Sustainable. North America. Consulting Services. Shop in North America. Sustainable Brands.

Online Marketplaces.

We compiled a list of our favourite more ethical and sustainable clothing brands from the US that are worth your support Project Cece: The Online Shopping Hub Helping You Find Sustainable Fashion. If you're into fashion but uncomfortable with the fact it can have a high Build an ethically elevated wardrobe with sustainable women's clothing from today's best fair trade women's clothing brands. Our curated collection includes

Shop sustainable fashion - Sustainable Fashion Made in NYC We compiled a list of our favourite more ethical and sustainable clothing brands from the US that are worth your support Project Cece: The Online Shopping Hub Helping You Find Sustainable Fashion. If you're into fashion but uncomfortable with the fact it can have a high Build an ethically elevated wardrobe with sustainable women's clothing from today's best fair trade women's clothing brands. Our curated collection includes

Yet T-shirts often have a huge damper. A specific and recognizable problem with a mysterious cause. T-shirts get mini holes quite quickly. How is that possible? And more important; how do you get rid of them again?! Brands with the Fair Trade label, produce fair trade.

They give their workers a living wage, and save and hygienic working conditions. Brands with the Good Cause label really try do something extra for the world. This can be for example donating to charity, providing training, or planting trees.

Brands with the Environmentally Friendly label are actively working on putting less stress on the environment, by for instance using sustainable materials. Brands with the Vegan label are produced without the use of any animal products.

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I accept the terms and conditions. Discover all ethical fashion in one place We curate all brands and shops so you can easily browse sustainable clothing SHOP WOMEN SHOP MEN. We curate all brands and shops so you can easily browse sustainable clothing.

At Project Cece you can choose what is important to you At Project Cece you can choose from 5 sustainability filters: environmentally friendly , fair trade , vegan , produced in Europe , and good cause.

Sustainability labels: Eco-Friendly The environmentally friendly label is awarded by Project Cece when sustainable materials are used for the clothing and accessories. Sustainability labels: Fair Trade The fair trade label is awarded at Project Cece if the production process of the garment or accessory is done fairly.

Sustainability labels: Good Cause Some sustainable brands also want to give something extra back to the world. Bamboo Essential Plain Tights - Black Sale price £ Solid Jane Trainer Socks - White Sale price £7.

Solid Jane Socks Sale price £7. Organic Cotton Jersey Bralette Sale price £ Shop The Collection. We fell in love with Alice and her content, and we think you will too!

Read More. Shop the look. Go to item 1. Armabelle Organic Cotton Fluffy Knitted Vest - Green Sale price £ Go to item 1 Go to item 2. Fairtrade Organic Cotton Tee - Navy Sale price £ Go to item 1 Go to item 2 Go to item 3. Dua Organic Cotton Henley Jumper - Eucalyptus Green Sale price £ Asterope Organic Cotton Chambray Midi Skirt - Dark Indigo Blue Sale price £ Here are some simple tips to fill an environmentally-friendly closet with a wardrobe that looks great and lasts a long time:.

Hi, It seems you are visiting us from India, would you like to visit our India pages? Yes please No thank you. Here are some simple tips to fill an environmentally-friendly closet with a wardrobe that looks great and lasts a long time: Shop secondhand first.

Buy pre-owned clothing from thrift shops, consignment shops, vintage sources, and online resale shops. Buy fewer clothes. Value what you buy. Buy clothes you know you will wear many times because they look good and fit well.

With carefully chosen clothes, you can mix and match items to create many different looks. Fewer, better-made clothes with the right accessories can give you a more sophisticated and stylish look than volumes of cheaper clothing.

Invest only in clothes you really like and need. Consider not what is being pushed at you by fashion designers but instead look at your own style and what you want to communicate.

Before you buy a new piece of clothing, consider if you have a similar piece in your wardrobe already. Shop locally. Buy from local shops for clothes, buy from local craftspeople to accessorize your outfits and use your neighborhood tailor for adjustments.

Earth-friendly benefit: Buying clothes locally reduces carbon emissions from shipping while supporting your local economy. Go natural. Buy clothing made with natural fabric fibers instead of synthetic fabrics.

This includes the use fasshion BlueSign® Shop sustainable fashion dyes and Clean Color dye technology to reduce harmful toxins and conserve water. GOTS certified. Shop Outerknown. SHOP SHEEP INC. Great quality and a company with purpose. Good Looks With Good Conscience


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