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However after I developed a relationship then I was able ask for financial help via food from McAlisters for my art Gala. I am about to write a letter to the bank corporate office to see if they will award an art scholarship. Projects that are not costly! I always seek out what resources I have available to the area in which I live.

For example: I live next to the recycle center in the city of Mobile so I generated a 3-D sculpture project creating Cathedrals and dumios of Italy and Spain. We discussed the background history, viewed a power-point, researched with our MACs and Art History Books.

We discussed famous Cathedrals, viewed a home video of myself on tour in Europe and I read the story of The Life of Antoni Gaudi, Building on Nature by Rachel Rodriguez and illustrated by Julie Paschkis. Once I broke my leg and while recovering my doctor gave me some of the casting material and now I order this from our art supply resources and the doctor has made a donation before for me.

Use masking tape after cleaning the plastic jugs and bottles to tape the structures and armature together first. I bought from the thrift store and some new plastic goblets for toppers and other interesting bottles.

We then apply the casting keeping it smooth. Upon drying we paint with acrylic and use black and white copy images of old architecture gates, ornamentation, windows, doors, crosses etc. We guild and antique them with gold and silver metallic acrylic paint and complete with decoupage.

They are gorgeous!! We even hot glue old jewelry and other ornamentation. We used over 1, containers last spring. One student had over 22 in their structure. I also live near Dauphin Island and go on weekends collecting natural materials.

Another project: cheap driftwood pieces for weaving. We make cardboard looms and you can purchase these rather cheap and large plastic needles. Using yarn, create your colorful bright warm color weavings and use the driftwood to hang and display the weavings from.

You may add butterflies, artificials, etc. I create with the shells, too. I create with long driftwood pieces. Folk Art Unit on Snakes and Design.

Paint and design, drill a hole at end for jingle bells for a rattler interesting musical instrument. A lot of cultural history from African, Early American, Aboriginal Art. I give every student a hard-bound black sketchbook if they pay their art fee.

I have found that parents will wait to pay other fees at the school and will pay their art fee first, just so their kid can have one of those sketchbooks!

I actually order so many that I have gotten a past discount at the art supply store - thank you Pam at Alabama Art Supply! If you haven't used tar paper yet, I encourage you to try it! It takes a bit of prep to cut it, but it is so awesome.

Students can sketch in chalk, erase with wet towel or sponge then they add underpainting with white acrylic and paint on top of that with acrylic. If you want you can varnish with simple acrylic varnish I use liquitex. I have gotten more compliments on the tar projects I have done than any other project.

I also cut down old cardboard boxes to use as weaving looms and canvases for painting and mixed media collage encaustics. Meat trays that have been washed thoroughly serve as blocks for carving for printmaking. My advice is be flexible and proactive. Contact PTA for support of funding the art supplies.

Get PTA to help with art fundraisers. Be flexible about schedule changes. Anonymous elementary teacher. Square 1 Art!! Students create artwork that can be put on products like jewelry, bags, keepsake boxes and iPad cases. Post a Comment.

Together, we can make art supplies accessible to everyone through collective action! Below, you can learn more about art supply mutual aid projects throughout North America and beyond, hopefully someday. If you have started your own project inspired by our Free Art Supply Closet, we want to know and add you to the list!

Email: alicia truck. Social Media: truckcontemporaryart on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. Website: truck. Social Media: art. More Info: An up and coming non-profit offering free art and craft supplies to Calgarians through pop-up events provided by community donations.

We have a drop off location at Tigerstedt and Friends located at Centre St N, Calgary, AB. Supplies not claimed during events will be given to other organizations, associations and individuals for their own creative growth. Email: artarizona gmail. Social Media: thirdspacedavis on Instagram, Third Space Art Collective on Facebook.

Graduate of the California Art Supply Mutual Aid Training Program Social Media: adaept. Email: lazinefest gmail. Website: www. Email: www. More Info: Redistributing textile art supplies, such as yarn, spindles, spinning wheels, looms, embroidery, quilting and more!

More Info: We are seeking donation drop-off locations, as well as donations of new or gently used art supplies. Other ways to help:. org if you would like to help collect or distribute supplies.

Email: Xpressions. Healing gmail. Social Media: Xpressive. Email: jocelyn freeup. More Info: Free Oakland UP is a weekly Outdoor FREE Market every Sunday from Free art, art supplies, household items, decor, books, records, plants, succulent cuttings…Everything is free and everyone may take as much as they want.

Hours: Wednesdays pm, Saturdays pm by appointment only. Website: broadroom. Social Media: cuttingball on Instagram, Cutting Ball Theater on Facebook. More Info: For those interested in more information about this free art closet or wishes to support us by donating their time or goods please connect with Education and Community Director Cathryn.

Location: Pop-ups — check out our Instagram for upcoming events. Email: artpocketsj gmail. Social Media: artpocketsj on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest. Artists from marginalized communities cannot begin to be represented in the art world without a little radical change!

Address: Empire Seven Studios — N. Email: sanjosemakers lisa. Graduate of the California Art Supply Mutual Aid Training Program. Main St Suite M, Santa Maria, Ca Santa Barbra County. Email: evelyn corazondelpueblo. More Info: This art supply closet is open to everyone in the community of all ages and ethnicities!

Address: Located inside the community art room at TAL at Donner Pass Rd Truckee, CA More Info: Please reach out via email with inquiries and follow on Instagram for updates on swap events. Hours: Monthly, Saturday after First Friday, 12p-7p, by appointment.

Donations accepted: Thur - Mon 12p-7p. Email: nmlm. artcloset gmail. Email: freehartcloset gmail. Website: freehart. Queer Tallahassee Artists' Collective QTAC Art Supply Closet.

Email: queertac gmail. Email: swapupindy gmail. More Info: I host quarterly swaps at libraries and community spaces for everyone in the community. Everything is free.

More Information: Currently getting established in Paducah, KY - goal is to serve the Western Kentuckyarea. Providing art supplies, hosting classes, and providing support to the community.

Important Info: This is a box like the little libraries for books but it contains art supplies for my underprivileged neighborhood. Hoping the idea spreads. Email: renocommunityartcloset gmail. Email: qnscollab gmail. More Info: We also do makers markets once a month and have free supplies at those!

Email: withapurposeart gmail. Website: Go. Important Info: Our program serves the George Mason University community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Email: pacsea22 gmail. Cart 0. Art Bins at local craft stores isn't always a guarantee but you can find free fabric scraps, paper, and damaged accoutement you can › artbusiness › comments › yhjyyh › advice_needed_way Not free, but cheap option: Facebook has a lot of craft destash groups. Find one that's specific to your area. Also Facebook groups: find


Tips on how to get free art supplies! If I come across Try out new games free new Materails will Freee sure to add it in. Sample renovation materials Staff Materia,s Try out new games free Meet Our Studio Artists. Skip to content. I look for an email address and craft a basic email that includes a few key things: Never Miss a Blog Post. I just literally cold called and made appointments or walked in from the street to various local businesses.

Free art materials - The Little Free Art Shop is stocked and ready for you! Stop by to pick up some supplies and start creating! Located in front of the Art Works Now building Art Bins at local craft stores isn't always a guarantee but you can find free fabric scraps, paper, and damaged accoutement you can › artbusiness › comments › yhjyyh › advice_needed_way Not free, but cheap option: Facebook has a lot of craft destash groups. Find one that's specific to your area. Also Facebook groups: find

Flower Thread: Send them a self-addressed envelope and get a free skein of thread. More information. Curtains Curtains Curtains: Yep, some more free fabric swatches. Pottery Barn Fabric Samples: Great store, and even better — free fabric. Saral Paper: Free Wax Transfer Paper is a great start to MANY different craft ideas.

Ecos Paints: Need a small amount of paint for a craft project? Click here to get free craft samples of paint. Mijello Art: A free sample pack of their water colors. Fill out a Sample Request Diamond Glaze: A great finishing product for your art project.

Get some free diamond glaze. Ringtronic: Free glue is always nice too! Amazon deals for Teacher Art Supplies. Craft Coupons Of course, instead of hunting for free craft samples, you can be a coupon guru! Amazon Pantry: This is great for those that love kitchen crafting a. baking or cooking it gets you great deals on all your pantry needs.

Get a Free Trial. Swagbucks: This is a fun site filled with surveys, which is free to join. You take them and gain points to get free stuff, you can even get points just for doing your regular shopping on Amazon and Etsy!

Join Swagbucks Amazon Music: Nothing boosts creativity like music! Get a free trial today. Other Great Free Craft Samples On top of just hunting for free craft samples and free craft stuff, you can also join some fun craft swaps.

There are two great places to get in on some craft swapping: Craftsers: This is a super fun forum, and amoung all the creativity are craft swaps to join. Swapbot: This site rounds up all sorts of swaps, including craft swaps.

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Go figure. Free art, free concerts in the park, free food events, you get the point. Look out or ask for the free bin. I would typically find free fabric scraps, paper, and damaged accouterments at these stores. It never hurts to look for free art supplies on Craigslist.

You can also find really cheap art tables, canvases, and low-cost art supplies as well. Free supplies can only buy so much from an influencer.

If you want control over any part of the post, then you must pay for a sponsored post. Free products are just another way to advertise.

I took a look at the insights from one of my posts in July I had around 53, followers at the time. You can see the post reached 11, accounts. If you scroll to the bottom of the insights, you can see an option to promote the post.

I want you to go through the promotion screens until you get to the one that looks like the right picture. That will give you an idea of how much a company would have to spend on one post in order to get the reach your average posts get already. Then just back out of the promotion. Not to mention, the retail value of a product is marked up from the actual cost of making the product….

If you approach a company first, be mindful of the value of the products you request when compared to the value you can give the company. By looking at the cost of advertising vs. the reach on your posts like we did above, you can get a better idea of what kinds of products you can realistically expect to get for free.

Building a social following takes a lot of work, and if you start to pollute your brand with content your followers have no interest in, then you risk losing dedicated followers. Though, you can get away with posting company shoutouts in your stories that stray from your brand a bit.

Free supplies are great, but free supplies plus a paycheck is even better. Though, to get a general idea of what you can be paid as an influencer check out this Influencer tool by Influencer Marketing Hub.

You can get free supplies if you work for it and create opportunities for yourself. Keep in mind that companies will be more willing to work with influencers who can clearly benefit them.

Sell yourself. Start searching for email addresses and send out a couple of emails and see what happens. Though, the bigger you get, the more you should demand payment for your social posts.

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