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Dimensions: 11 x 11 x This one is large and houses a wine holder and picnic blanket on either side, making it a bit bulky, but it has everything you need for a successful picnic.

You might splurge a little on this picnic backpack, but the quality of the accessories is superior to comparable models. Food and drink can be stored in a separate waterproof pouch for easy cleaning. Picnic Time has been creating timeless, nostalgic picnic baskets since , and the Windsor is a setup fit for royalty.

Inspired by a traditional English hamper, this sturdy picnic basket set has metal rivet accents with leather straps and is lined with corduroy.

It features full service for four people, including porcelain plates, hand-blown wine glasses, utensils, stainless-steel mugs, cotton napkins, and a fleece picnic blanket.

It also comes with a stainless steel cheese knife with a wooden handle, a hardwood cutting board, a wine key, a wine bottle stopper, salt and pepper shakers, an insulated wine duffel, a coordinated zipper-top cooler, a flask for hot beverages, and two storage containers.

Picnic Time's products have a lifetime guarantee and are strong, reliable, and offer everything you'd expect and want from a deluxe, vintage picnic basket experience. Though costly, the quality of the item and everything that comes with it is worth the price. It makes a thoughtful anniversary or wedding gift and urges the user to gather a few friends for an outdoor meal in style.

Conversely, it also keeps hot food warm, so you can also use this to tote potluck food at any time of the year. With a pound capacity, the sky's the limit as far as your menu goes. Still, it folds flat for more convenient storage. Dimensions: 15 x 9. Whether you have back problems or just prefer something that feels a little more refined, this picnic basket will solve your problem.

It comes with a fold-up table, complete with spots to secure an entire bottle of wine and four wine glasses. It also has a magnetic snap on the outside that the table attaches to. A removable, adjustable shoulder belt makes the tote easier to carry to and from your destination.

The best picnic basket is the functional Collapsible Insulated Leakproof Picnic Basket Cooler. For a budget-conscious option, opt for the California Picnic Natural Woven Picnic Basket.

They also tend to be bulkier and, thus, more difficult to store. Today, there are plenty of cloth and canvas options that are more convenient, plus have the added bonus of being easier to clean.

Some even collapse flat for storage. Traditional picnic baskets have small handles that can only be toted by hand or over the wrist, but today there are plenty of options with shoulder straps, crossbody sling straps, and even backpack-style straps.

Many find these options more convenient—especially if you have to do any significant walking to get to your destination—since they free up your hands and distribute weight more evenly. Picnic baskets and totes come in a wide range of sizes. Consider your lifestyle. Are you likely to picnic with a big group, or are you more likely to picnic solo or with one other person?

If the latter, skip the big, bulky baskets, and opt for a smaller, more streamlined choice. Some picnic baskets have designated compartments for all of the essentials, from plates and glasses to corkscrews and even placemats. If you like to have everything organized, consider one of these options.

Similarly, some picnic baskets come pre-packed with all the accessories you could ever need—plates, glasses, corkscrew, linens, and more. Exactly how you clean a picnic basket depends on its construction.

Wicker baskets need to be cleaned much more carefully than their insulated cooler-like counterparts. Always defer to care instructions provided with the picnic basket you purchased. But in general, insulated cooler-like picnic baskets can be spot-cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

For stubborn spots, you can use a clean toothbrush to scrub out the stain. Wicker baskets are much more delicate and are prone to drying out and breaking if they get too wet, so you should refrain from submerging them in water.

Instead, wipe the wicker down with a dry microfiber cloth. If need be, you can dampen the microfiber cloth with warm, soapy water use mild dish soap and wipe down. Let air dry before using or storing.

If the wicker is drying out or brittle, you can use a wood conditioner or cutting board oil to restore some moisture. The easiest way to keep food cold is to add ice packs to your picnic basket.

Put the ice in zippered or sealed plastic bags to keep things clean and dry. Foods that need to be refrigerated or easily spoil aren't typically the best to pack in a picnic basket—that is, unless you've opted for an insulated basket or added ice packs. Even so, be sure to maintain all of your dishes at the appropriate temperatures.

Foods that are already packaged are a good choice. It's best to come prepared and plan ahead with reusable utensils, plates, cups, and anything else you think you may need though keep in mind that the lighter you pack, the less you have to carry. If you have the sewing skills to tackle a more thorough DIY project, you can fashion a picnic basket liner made to suit the specific dimensions of your picnic basket.

Otherwise, a large tea towel or small tablecloth will do just fine. Simply drape the fabric over the basket, or place it under your food, take the corners up to meet one another, and secure it with a knot or a clip before placing the parcel in your picnic basket.

This article was written by Brigitt Earley , a freelance writer who has spent the last plus years researching the best kitchen home products for various digital publications, including The Spruce and Good Housekeeping. Brigitt also has a culinary degree from The French Culinary Institute and frequently uses insulated picnic bags to tote snacks and small meals for her kids to and from the park.

Lacey Muinos is a food and wellness writer with a special place in her heart for romantic picnics. Her picnic food of choice? A vegan sandwich with snacks and sparkling cider. Use limited data to select advertising.

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We then put a pound plate weight on each blanket and inspected the weighted spot after 20 minutes for dampness. For the to updates of this guide, which staff writer Dorie Chevlen wrote, we had two adults sit on blankets atop grass for one hour.

We also poured water on the underside of each blanket to see if it would leak through to the surface. Thankfully for us and the comfort of our afternoons, none of the blankets we tested let any moisture through.

Durability: We looked for blankets that we thought would last. In later testing, we included pricier options as well. The two-person version of the Nemo Victory Picnic Blanket was our favorite picnic blanket for several years, thanks to its combination of comfort, durability, compactness, and affordability.

Its acrylic flannel top is soft enough to let you comfortably nap in the sun and gentle enough for the delicate skin of infants or children.

The blanket is not technically machine washable, though one Wirecutter staffer has tossed it into their washing machine anyway without consequence. Still, we easily wiped mud and dirt off the flannel with a damp cloth without leaving a mark.

It includes some thoughtful details. Unlike most blankets we tested, the Victory Picnic Blanket also includes corner loops to stake it into the ground on windy days though not the stakes themselves; we recommend this inexpensive set. Both sizes come with two adjustable, clasping straps that keep the blanket rolled up tight, and those clasps can also perform double duty as bottle openers.

They each also have a little pocket for stashing small items. For the casual picnicker, the Moosejaw Carpet Diem Outdoor Blanket is a good marriage of luxury and value. The nylon straps are adjustable, so even if you roll the blanket loosely you can still buckle it into a burrito shape which is easy compared with the precise folding demanded by our picks from Yeti or Rumpl.

The buckle itself is pretty tight to get onto that nylon strap we had to wiggle it around and push for a bit before we could secure it , but after a few uses it became easier to slide.

We wish it came with stake loops like our other picks—on a windy day, its corners will fly up unless you have them weighted by people or detritus. But we do appreciate that the blanket comes with a built-in bottle opener in its clasp similar to the Nemo blanket.

And not only is its sturdy underside waterproof, but its top is spill resistant, too, prompting liquid to bead up on the surface but not sink in. Like the Nemo Victory Picnic Blanket , the Yeti Lowlands Blanket has stake loops so you can tack it down on especially windy days, though if your picnic is adequately loaded with snacks, those can work well as an anchor, too—which is good, because stakes do not come with the blanket.

And it has plush padding that softens the poking of twigs or rocks below. Also setting the Lowlands Blanket apart is its washability; unlike most of the other blankets we tested, it can tolerate machine washing and machine drying. The only less-than-ideal aspect of the Yeti blanket is its transportability.

Unlike our pick from Nemo, which has integrated straps to keep it rolled up, the Yeti blanket comes with only a zip-up carrying case.

The Rumpl Everywhere Mat is the best blanket for someone devoted to the spontaneous picnic life, who needs to always have a blanket on hand. A ripstop polyester bottom keeps it dry against damp grass while still avoiding any scratches from twigs and pebbles.

And its top is treated with a water-resistant sealant that repels stains. Folding the blanket into its attached carrying sleeve does require more focus than the simple fold-and-roll system of the Nemo Victory Picnic Blanket or the Moosejaw Carpet Diem Outdoor Blanket , and doing it solo on a windy day can prove frustrating.

Rolled out, the Rumpl Everywhere Mat measures 52 by 75 inches—enough for two people to sit cozily with their legs out or four sitting with crossed legs. It is, however, the smallest of our picks, and it lacks padding.

The Everywhere Mat is covered by the same day guarantee as the Rumpl Down Puffy, our favorite puffy blanket. And it folds up small enough just The prices of each blanket have since fluctuated, so now we would recommend getting whichever one costs less or comes in a pattern you prefer.

If you want something plush and you have the patience for very precise storage: Look into the Little Unicorn Outdoor Blanket , which was the softest of the blankets we tested besides our upgrade pick from Yeti.

The light padding made it feel luxurious. The only problem we had with the blanket was storage: It is heavy, and carefully folding it into its Velcro-secured tote bag proved difficult to do solo, since the Velcro needs to be perfectly aligned. Still, with three sizing options 60 by 60 inches, 60 by 84 inches, and 60 by inches , it may be just what you need, and it costs less than the Nemo or Yeti blankets despite being around the same size at its largest.

Crumbs and grass stuck easily to the polyester fleece of the Picnic Time Blanket Tote Outdoor Picnic Blanket which, confusingly, is also sold under the Oniva brand name and were hard to brush off.

Folded up, the blanket still takes a lot of space 18 by 11 by 5 inches , and you have to fold it precisely or the elastic unravels.

It comes complete with wine glasses, plates, cutlery, a bottle opener and chopping board, with a separate insulated compartment for carrying food. It is compact and easy to carry, with a nautical design perfect for beach picnics.

Read our full review on our best picnic rucksacks. Available from: Procook £ We love the idea behind this clever picnic gadget. The light, wooden fold-out table has slots to hold a bottle and four wine glasses securely, so you no longer have to balance them on sand or wobbly terrain.

It would also make a brilliant gift for the ultimate fan of summer al fresco feasts, as it can be personalised. Available from: Not on the High Street £ No more boring wooden cutlery or single-use disposable plastic forks.

This pretty travel cutlery set for one has a knife, fork, spoon and collapsible straw and cleaning brush with pink marble handles, held in a compact pink case. Eating in style on the go just got easier. If you're looking for an alternative to plastic tubs, we love this traditional Indian tiffin box set.

Made of stainless steel and hand-painted with eight different colourways to choose from , the three compartments clip together so you can keep different elements of your picnic separate and easily carry it to your chosen picnic location.

No more soggy salads or spilled dressings at the bottom of your picnic bag. This handy set of four dressing pots has secure screw-top lids for transporting dressings, sauces or dips safely until it is time to eat.

Another great picnic blanket you'll use all summer, but this is more of a splurge. This large, square picnic blanket has a bold strawberry print, perfect for a British summer picnic. It has fabric carry handles, fringed edges and a waterproof backing.

Available from: Oliver Bonas £ Read our full guide for more cool box reviews. Available from: Argos £ This nautical-themed picnic hamper would be great for seaside picnics. It comes complete with everything you need, from a picnic rug and Tupperware boxes to cutlery, plates, napkins and even a corkscrew, plus a chilling compartment to keep things cool.

Read our full guide for more picnic baskets and hampers reviews. Available from: Joules £ Available from: John Lewis £9. Keep a bottle of wine chilled all afternoon with this sleek insulated bottle from Partner in Wine.

With capacity to hold a whole ml bottle of wine or fill with any of your favourite picnic drinks and keeping drinks cool for 24 hours, you'll still be sipping chilled white or rosé even at the end of the lengthiest picnics this summer.

Take your pick from the simple stainless steel, white or pretty pink finishes. The matching tumbler £20 is perfect for shorter catch ups on sunny evenings.

Le Creuset is a brand renowned for producing high-quality products that last. Available in black and orange, its fabric-finish cooler sleeve is adjustable to accommodate a range of bottles and will prevent any condensation from seeping into your picnic basket.

For the best results, store it in the freezer. How to pack the perfect picnic Our best picnic recipes Vegetarian picnic inspiration Family-friendly picnic recipes.

The best picnic hampers 10 of the best picnic rucksacks The best canned wine The best cool boxes The best portable barbecues The best supermarket picnic food The best gas barbecues Best sustainable picnicware Best reusable straws.

This review was last updated in April

Kovot Poly-Wicker Picnic Basket | Measures 16" x " x " | for Picnics, Parties and BBQs | Hand Woven Polypropylene Fibers That Will Last Imitation Missing Our pick. Nemo Victory Picnic Blanket · Comfortable and easy to carry · $ from Amazon ; Budget pick. Moosejaw Carpet Diem Outdoor Blanket

Budget picnic gear - Filter ; Malbec Insulated Canvas and Willow Wine Bottle Basket. Rated out of 5 stars. 4 Reviews · $ ; Vista Outdoor Picnic Blanket & Tote. Rated Kovot Poly-Wicker Picnic Basket | Measures 16" x " x " | for Picnics, Parties and BBQs | Hand Woven Polypropylene Fibers That Will Last Imitation Missing Our pick. Nemo Victory Picnic Blanket · Comfortable and easy to carry · $ from Amazon ; Budget pick. Moosejaw Carpet Diem Outdoor Blanket

List of Partners vendors. The 11 Best Picnic Baskets for Outdoor Dining in Take your favorite meals on the go with our top picks. By Brigitt Earley. Brigitt Earley. Brigitt Earley is a lifestyle writer with a culinary degree and a master's in journalism. Her writing has been published on OprahMag.

com and Good Housekeeping. Learn about The Spruce Eats' Editorial Process. Our Top Picks. Best Overall:. Best Budget:. Best Set:.

Best Vintage Style:. Best Wicker:. Best Insulated:. Best Small:. Best Backpack:. Best Luxury:. Best Foldable:. In This Article Expand. Our Picks. What to Look for. Why Trust The Spruce Eats? Best Overall. Label Imprints Collapsible Insulated Leakproof Picnic Basket Cooler.

What We Like Attractive Insulated Monogrammable Collapses flat. What We Don't Like No shoulder strap Doesn't include accessories. Best Budget. California Picnic Natural Woven Picnic Basket. View On Amazon. What We Like Roomy interior Not limited by a cover Traditional aesthetic Water-resistant.

What We Don't Like Doesn't keep things cold No accessories or compartments. The Best Outdoor Wine Glasses for Sipping Al Fresco in Best Set. Providence Woven Picnic Basket. What We Like Roomy interior Traditional design Available in multiple sizes and colors Good value.

What We Don't Like Bulky. Best Vintage Style. Williams-Sonoma Cosmos Picnic Basket. What We Like Fully-removable interior insulated cooler Handwoven Removable lid. What We Don't Like Small capacity. Best Wicker. View On Markandgraham.

What We Like Monogrammable Elevated aesthetic Lid doubles as a cheese board. What We Don't Like No extra compartments. Best Insulated. Premium Cooler Bag. What We Like Attractive Versatile Eco-friendly Multiple colors available.

What We Don't Like Smaller than other options. Best Small. What We Like Handmade Holds two wine bottles Separate compartment for food Lightweight.

What We Don't Like Pricey. Best Backpack. Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4 Person Set. What We Like Insulated Detachable waterproof pouch for food and drink High-quality accessories.

Best Luxury. Picnic Time Windsor Picnic Basket Set. What We Like Elegant, classic look Full service for four Additional accessories included. What We Don't Like Expensive Heavy. Best Foldable. Allcamp Outdoor Gear Picnic Basket.

What We Like Insulated Roomy High weight capacity. What We Don't Like Zipper occasionally gets stuck Only one handle. We Tested the Best Outdoor Dinnerware Sets for Every Open-Air Occasion. With the right picnic set, an outdoor meal can be elevated from something eaten quickly hunched over napkins and wrappers to a civilized, luxurious chosen experience.

When outside, thoughtfully chosen gear makes the difference between an enjoyable experience and survival. With that in mind, we dug through all the online reviews we could find to see which picnic sets could offer a bit of luxury while still leaving enough room in your budget for some fancy cheese.

Here are the best picnic time sets that we could find for your next romantic picnic, camping trip, and more. The recommendations in this guide are based on thorough product and market research by our team of expert product reviewers.

The picks are based on examining user reviews, product specifications, and, in some limited cases, our experience with the specific products named.

With a large insulated food and drink section and a larger blanket, the Sunflora backpack appears to be sized for four adults, unlike many of the smaller picnic sets we looked at.

In addition to generous sizing that can fit food for all of your family or friends, the quality of the plates and flatware is above average as well, according to reviewers. Sunflora makes a point of noting the upgrade it made a couple of years ago, moving to all stainless steel utensils as well as tougher melamine plates.

Since some reviews show pictures of the backpack from before this upgrade, please keep in mind the more recent reviews are more accurate as to what you can expect. In fact, many of the negative comments focused on plates being broken on arrival.

Other than a few reviewers being unhappy at the quality of the trim and stitching on the backpack, most reviewers were happy with the quality and the design of the whole setup. The Apollo Walker picnic backpack appears to give good value for its price: many reviewers commented on the great quality of the bag and the thick, really good picnic blanket.

With a separate zippered compartment for the plates, glasses, and utensils, the backpack should hold items securely and keep them organized. One reviewer noted the insulated compartment could hold four plastic storage containers, giving you an idea of the size inside.

Since Apollo Walker sells several picnic backpacks, double-check when you order to ensure you get the one you want.

Several reviewers were frustrated to receive a set for two instead of four, or an unexpected color. In some of the videos, a completely different backpack is modeled, causing a bit of confusion about which backpack is being sold.

When I imagine picnicking, I picture a classic wicker picnic basket set. The colors of the fabric and the texture of the wicker all encourage photo taking to post online later.

Reviewers were less put off by the handle, noting it is comfortable and of better quality than expected. The insulated compartment makes up most of the wicker basket, with the plates and cutlery secured to the lid. While most reviewers were satisfied with the basket overall, a few expressed disappointment with the dishes and utensils, either being surprised at the mostly plastic items or finding items cracked during shipping.

The Allcamp picnic backpack has a unique design with a zipper across the top that allows for easy access to the main compartment as well as a pair of handles that offer an alternative, easy-to-carry option instead of putting it on your back.

When sorting through reviews, we noticed that the reviews were binned together covering several products that Allcamp makes. We still feel comfortable recommending this pack, but you may read reviews that are for a different product than the one you're buying.

While some reviewers commented on the stitching on the bag unraveling, more reviewers stated the quality was acceptable and appreciated the bag design.

Like many other picnic sets, the quality of the plastic plates and utensils was a bit lacking. The bag design and quality of the blanket appear to make up for the plates and utensils, however, as most reviewers awarded five stars. The set has a warranty for days, covering you for several months after purchasing.

Whether you want to drink wine with your best friend on the beach or prepare your camping meals ahead of time, this Allcamp 2-Person Picnic Backpack does it all. The inside of this backpack includes an insulated storage compartment that fits multiple meals, as well as keeps your beverages and food cold or hot.

You can easily carry this picnic bag with the comfortable shoulder strap or carry handle on top. It also comes with a waterproof blanket made of soft fleece for you to sit on.

Some reviewers find the blanket to be small and the wine cup to feel fragile, but overall, they agree that this picnic bag is high quality. Similar to other baskets on this list, this picnic basket comes with a variety of accessories, including utensils, plates, and glasses.

Product Details: Dimensions: Plus, a zippered lid keeps your food and beverages chilled and unwanted debris out. Many of the best picnic baskets hold all your belongings inside, but this cooler has two mesh pockets and a wide side pocket for additional storage.

At just over 2 pounds, the basket is lightweight and easy to carry with either the padded hand strap or shoulder strap. We also love that it collapses flat to save space at home once your picnic is over. The cooler comes in three sizes and two neutral colors so you can choose one that matches your needs best.

This picnic basket provides space to securely hold food and drinks with a classic design and included accessories and cutlery. To keep everything together, there are two leatherette straps on the outside so you can carry it without worrying about everything falling out.

Additionally, the basket has a zippered cooler compartment to keep cheeses, drinks, and other perishables cold and ready to consume while on the go.

With that said, this basket is one of the largest on our list at over 20 inches long. Product Details: Dimensions: 21 x 8. The best picnic basket for couples will be able to hold food, utensils, and additional accessories to make the most out of the space.

Made from durable canvas material, this picnic basket is designed to withstand the rugged outdoors and keep your belongings free and dry with a water-resistant bottom. The best picnic baskets are those that can keep food cool and fresh when left outside of the refrigerator.

This round picnic basket is fully insulated so you can keep your perishables in ready-to-eat condition while out and about. Product Details: Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 15 inches Materials: Wood Weight: 4. This lightweight basket backpack features similar characteristics to that of a handheld picnic basket, but it trades out the handle for shoulder straps.

A waterproof exterior makes it suitable for nature and humid climates, and it comes with additional pockets and straps to hold wine bottles, blankets, food, and accessories. This backpack picnic basket includes dishes and flatware for two people and a fleece blanket so you can have the full setup, whether on a patch of grass in the park or on top of a hill.

This little wicker basket features a removable gingham lining to hold food, drinks, and other essentials inside. The cooler is removable for easy cleaning just wipe it down with a damp cloth , allowing you to use the basket with or without insulation.

Product Details: Dimensions: 12 x 7. This picnic basket can be worn as a crossbody or handheld and has an insulated interior to keep food and drinks cool. In terms of size, this basket can fit meals for two people.

Once the picnic is over, this lunchbox can be cleaned easily with warm water and soap. Keep in mind that its lid is secured with magnetic closures, which may not be as strong as a zipper or a strapped lid.

Product Details: Dimensions: 12 x This picnic basket includes a front pocket for quick access to picnic essentials like flatware or napkins. Many picnic baskets can be difficult to store as they are big and bulky; however, this one is collapsible for easy storage.

The two handles provide sturdy support to carry items both long and short distances, and it has a padded grip for comfortable handling. With that said, its cloth exterior may be more susceptible to stains than wicker or plastic. This picnic basket can supply up to four people with its included flatware.

Plus, it can be personalized. You know how the saying goes: Families that picnic together, stay together. This picnic basket is well suited for families with accessories for four people—including plates, flatware, and glasses.

The best picnic baskets are durable and while this is made out of wicker, it has a canvas-lined interior, which can prevent external damage from water and excess moisture. The inside has two sections: a built-in insulated cooler with a zipper to keep items cold and an open, non-insulated section.

For an additional cost, you can personalize the picnic basket with a monogram. Keep in mind that the outside wicker needs to stay dry, so it may not be the best pick for the beach or a day on the lake.

The best picnic basket for the beach is one that can hold plenty of food and drinks, is easy to carry, and is made from durable materials to keep sand out and prevent water damage. This large basket checks all the boxes with its two leak-proof layers of aluminum and transparent film. Product Details: Dimensions: 17 x After researching the market, the HappyPicnic Wicker Picnic Basket Set for 4 is the best picnic basket because it comes with a full set of accessories and an insulated interior at an affordable price.

Picnic baskets are available in a wide variety of sizes. For example, if you have a lot of storage space and plan to picnic with a group, then it may be worth it to splurge for a larger picnic basket. Traditional picnic baskets are typically made out of wicker wood material.

Sand and dirt can find their way into the weaves, making it difficult to clean. On the other hand, you can opt for aluminum or canvas picnic baskets, which are more water-resistant but not always as stylish.

The best picnic baskets vary in price based on brand and material. With that said, the price is generally based on whether or not additional accessories are included, the quality of the basket, and the size. For added convenience, some picnic baskets come with additional accessories aside from just a spot to hold items.


Can’t believe how cheap, easy and pretty this picnic date was! #picnicdate #summerpicnic The nylon straps are adjustable, so even Gourmet food coupons you oicnic the blanket loosely you can still buckle it into a burrito shape which is easier to do pichic with Buget Steep Discounts on Fast Food folding Budget picnic gear by the Yeti Lowlands Blanket or the Rumpl Everywhere Mat. Dimensions: 21 x These packable chairs provide much-needed back support without taking the fun out of lounging in the grass. Foods that need to be refrigerated or easily spoil aren't typically the best to pack in a picnic basket—that is, unless you've opted for an insulated basket or added ice packs. Beach Chairs. 7 Cheap(ish) Things for a Park Hang

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