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A good example of this is ground beef — our local grocery stores sell it in a lb tray or a roughly 6lb tray. No one needs that much beef for one meal! We cut the tray into portions and put them in the freezer for later. You can freeze everything from meat to dairy products to fresh fruits and veggies!

MyFreezEasy makes our lives so much easier by sending us healthy, ready-to-eat meals for the entire family. The best part is their food prices are GREAT.

Finding ways to either replace meats in a dish with things like beans and other produce or simply learn to do it without them in certain dishes is a great way to save money each month!

I know this sounds really counterintuitive, but bear with me. Most of us fall for buying 10 items to get that dollar-per-item price. Check your sales flier more closely and start comparing prices. This is a HUGE money saver in our household! I do not bring Kelan grocery shopping with me anymore.

When I went shopping with my mom, I just put items in the cart. Heck, I was not paying for them! My poor mom must have spent a fortune by bringing us kids with her.

Not to mention that bringing kids on an empty stomach makes making those multiple stops for extra savings even more of a chore!

We live in a world where we can just walk into a grocery store and buy practically anything we can think of, regardless of what day it is. What I mean by this is buying a block of cheese and grating it instead of buying pre-shredded cheese.

Or buying chicken breast and putting your own breading on it instead of buying pre-breaded chicken pieces. Or choose the pudding mix over the ready-to-eat pudding cups.

There are admittedly a number of great pre-mixed seasonings on the shelves these days. By something as simple as having a few container garden plants or even starting a small square-foot garden in your backyard, you can eliminate a large portion of your grocery spending each month during the growing season!

So why is it listed here? Even if it takes a while between coupon dates if you do HAVE to buy something that is a brand name, for whatever reason, try your best to hold off on buying until you have a coupon.

If you force yourself to wait until you can basically create your own sale, those few dollars off here and there can quickly add up over time! True, you might be an extreme couponer and know how to get your coupon used up to the point where the stores owe you money at checkout.

I used to hate having to stand there and wait for my mom to get her rainchecks when I went on grocery shopping trips. But now that I have a monthly budget of my own, I totally understand! How many times have you gone to buy an on-sale item at an amazing price, but the shelves are cleaned out before you could get there?

Getting a rain check extends your own private little sale for the next time that item is back in stock. Compare prices, and you might be shocked at what kind of deals you can find. Meal planning is the first step, but it does you no good at saving money on groceries if you never do anything with the food you buy.

Make time to either prep dinners or budget-friendly lunches in one sitting. For some reason, this is something most people feel embarrassed to do! It goes without saying that swiping a credit card is a lot easier than handing over cold hard cash. Your best way to stay on budget and shop with cash is to use the envelope system, made popular by Dave Ramsey.

Using cash, split your monthly grocery budget into 4 equal amounts, then put it into an envelope for each week. You just shop for your groceries online through their website or app as if you were making an online purchase, checking out, and awaiting your grocery delivery.

One way to cut grocery trip spending is to pay yourself back with a cashback app like Ibotta. How simple are these 30 ways to cut your grocery spending? How many are you already doing?

They are simple enough to start implementing right away. In one month, just 30 days, you could see a significant decrease in your grocery budget.

Of course, this tip is only for those who pay off their bills in full each month. Many stores will have a dedicated rack or shelf. Senior discounts are a dying breed of savings, but some grocery chains still offer them.

Here are grocery stores that offer senior discounts. But the best advice is this: Call ahead and confirm before showing up and expecting a discount. Say you see a package of Italian sausages that contains six large links and is sold by the pound.

But maybe you need only two or three of those links. Just go to the window at the meat department and ask the clerk to break the package for you.

Want to really learn how to save money on groceries? Then you should check out salvage stores. This unique category of retail sells canned food and other goods that are past their expiration dates. Find the salvage store nearest you in this directory.

Retailers often put items with high profit margins front and center, right at eye level, on supermarket shelving. Want to dig really deep into the philosophy of product placement? Check out our article on a little-known retail secret that may trick right-handed shoppers into spending more money.

But the deal here is, you have to wait for the sales! Grocery pickup services — offered by mainstream retailers like Kroger, Target and Walmart, to name a few — allow you to order your groceries online and then have them brought out to you while you wait in your vehicle.

Sites like CardCash and Raise are in the business of buying unwanted gift cards and reselling them at a discount from their face value. As of September , here are some of the discounts being offered on CardCash :. Note that these deals tend to sell out fast. Fortunately, you can set up alerts to know when a gift card for your grocery store becomes available.

Shop sales, use coupons for what you actually use…make a meal plan, shop during the week [and] look for the clearances. Members of our Clark. com Community shared a few more tips to help reduce expenses at the grocery store. Read the full thread here and share your opinion! com Staff September 29th, Home Save Money.

Warehouse clubs, dollar stores, discounters and big-box stores are all options for saving on groceries: Grocery staples: Check out  Aldi , Lidl and Walmart. Discount deals: Check dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General for weekly specials.

Make a Shopping List and Stick to It Impulse buys are the enemy of your wallet. The remedy? Make a shopping list and stick to it. Your Guide to DIY Home Security Systems. Should You Sell Your I Bonds Right Now?

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At Grocery Outlet, you'll find name brand groceries and farm fresh organic produce for % less than conventional grocery stores Shop and save up to 70% on thousands of brand name grocery items, delivered right to your doorstep, with no subscriptions! 1. Change Where You Shop. You can save 30%% on groceries right off the bat simply by changing your routine. Warehouse clubs, dollar stores

Daily Deals on Name Brand Foods


Grocery Shopping Hacks That Still Save Money Right Now

Discounted Food Savings - Healthy Savings is a sponsored program that provides discounts on healthier foods at participating grocery stores with one scan at checkout At Grocery Outlet, you'll find name brand groceries and farm fresh organic produce for % less than conventional grocery stores Shop and save up to 70% on thousands of brand name grocery items, delivered right to your doorstep, with no subscriptions! 1. Change Where You Shop. You can save 30%% on groceries right off the bat simply by changing your routine. Warehouse clubs, dollar stores

To get started, just download the Flashfood app to your iPhone or Android device. You can click on the food items you want and add them to your virtual cart, then pay directly on the app with a debit or credit card. In fact, Flashfood also accepts SNAP EBT cards for eligible recipients.

and Canada, with produce, ground beef, and chicken breasts among the most popular discounted foods sold via the app. Next is Too Good To Go , a similar service that not only partners with local grocery stores, but also with restaurants, bakeries, and cafés.

Instead of donating or throwing away unsold food, businesses give patrons a chance to eat for cheap—for one-third off the original price. The service is partnered with a few chains too, including Blue Bottle Coffee, Cava, Eataly, and Just Salad. For example, at We, The Pizza in Washington, D.

Sites such as Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market and Hungry Harvest offer home delivery of salvage foods. Misfits Market acquired Imperfect Foods in late but operates it as a separate brand.

Molly Nicholie, executive director of an Asheville, North Carolina, nonprofit that works with local farmers, swears by these markets. Tip: Visit the website buysalvagefood. com to find stores near you. In September, I ordered items from Imperfect Foods and Misfits Market, which both focus on organic products.

Visit ­imperfectfoods. com and misfitsmarket. com to see if they deliver in your area. All the food was high-quality, but prices were close to those of Whole Foods.

Tip: Check for deals at grocery stores near you through the Flashfood app. The selection may be more limited than those of the delivery services, but the savings are worth it.

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While we adhere to strict Discounted Food Savings integrity Saavings, this post may contain Sxvings to products Savinga our partners. LinkedIn Link Economical grocery coupons An image of a chain link. Edited by Nell McPherson Arrow Right Former Banking editor. download the app. The items in this aisle are often discontinued or in low demand, but they could also be damaged packages or items nearing their sell-by or expiration date.

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