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Large parcels cost more because of their dimensional weight. Dimensional weight is a pricing structure that increases the shipping rate if a parcel is deemed too large in relation to its weight—think things like a bike rim or a hula hoop. Since packages take up so much space in cargo vehicles and airplanes, etc.

For parcels weighing 4. However, keep in mind that there are no requirements for estimated delivery time on this, so it may take weeks to arrive at its final destination. For quicker delivery—or for parcels weighing over 4.

For more information on affordable international shipping, read our cheapest way to ship internationally blog. We also have guides discussing how to ship to places as nearby as Canada and as far away as China.

Similar to size, the weight of a parcel can greatly impact its rate. Again, USPS First Class Mail® is usually considered the most affordable shipping option for parcels weighing under 16 ounces unless USPS Media Mail rates can apply.

For parcels between lbs, UPS® Ground rates on ShipStation provide merchants with versatile nationwide coverage for parcels sent to any destination.

Other domestic services to look at include USPS Priority Mail and Parcel Select. UPS rates on ShipStation also offer a great option for domestic parcels over 10 lbs. An important factor in choosing a shipping service, particularly when shipping heavier parcels is the distance a package requires to be delivered.

Distance also impacts shipping rates. Carriers break pricing down into shipping zones. Understanding how zone impacts shipping costs help you pay substantially less money on delivery. Smaller parcels usually cost less to ship because of their small cubic weight.

Luckily, Cubic weight can decrease the shipping cost for small, heavy packages! Cubic weight is what allows smaller parcels to cost less than large ones that have the same weight.

ShipStation offers great rates for these smaller packages through both USPS and UPS. ShipStation makes shipping much more affordable—allowing you to pass the savings on to your customers.

One way to capitalize on the affordable rates available in ShipStation is to use In-Cart Delivery Options. This exposes live rates to your customers in checkout. Fears of overcharging or undercharging can be a huge pain point for many ecommerce merchants.

ShipStation lets Shopify, Wix, Magento, and BigCommerce merchants provide live-rate shipping options to their customers during checkout. These can be adjusted to include or decrease based on dollar amounts or percentages. A good way to offset free shipping costs is to incorporate shipping costs into the item cost.

Merchants commonly utilize this method when selling through marketplaces like Amazon—since they require free shipping options for qualified orders.

However, if you add too much of the shipping cost into the item price, you run the risk of losing more customers than if you charged separately for shipping. As a result, there are always factors to keep in mind when planning a pricing and shipping policy.

Flat-fee shipping is a common practice for many merchants. One reason this option is so common is that it keeps prices stable. Surprises during checkout can deter customers. Flat-fee shipping allows you to cover shipping costs while making shipping cost low for customers.

This is commonly used in conjunction with flat-fee shipping. The way it works is to charge a single rate for shipping for any order domestic, usually below a price threshold.

Many companies incentivize larger purchases by offering free shipping above this threshold. ShipStation offers discounts on a range of carriers and label providers. Buying those items in bulk could save you a lot of money, so take advantage of volume discounts to reduce your shipping costs.

Chances are you are an online buyer as well as a seller, so use that double status to save money. Be sure to remove the old shipping labels first or cover them with your own — this will speed the delivery and help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

Saving on packaging makes for more eco-friendly shipping. Whether you are running a small business or just selling the occasional yard sale find on eBay, keeping your online shipping costs low is good for your bottom line.

When you offer free shipping to attract more customers, every dollar you spend on boxes, packing materials and postage is one less dollar of profit. If you pass your shipping costs on to your customers, you can bet buyers are weighing the cost of shipping when deciding whether or not to buy.

Reducing shipping costs will have a domino effect across your company. Any way you slice it, lower shipping costs is good for business, and the ways to reduce shipping rates detailed above will help you trim those expenses and make the most of your business without the parcel shipping costs of your ecommerce shipping getting in the way of your success.

Recent Posts no title June 8, How to Solve Major Chall July 13, Everything You Need to K June 29, Warehouses in Dubai: All April 15, When you want to attract the most customers, offering free shipping is a smart move, but keep in mind that the shipping costs you incur will be coming directly out of your profits.

Lighten up your packing materials. Make the most of flat-rate online shipping. Shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx announce a change in shipping charges on a yearly basis known as the General Rate Increase GRI. This pricing change is the adjustment of shipping rates depending on the requirements of demand and supply chain in the shipping industry and increased prices of fuel and labor.

In addition to the base shipping rates, carriers also change their surcharges e. fuel surcharges. However, you can still negotiate discounted rates, especially if you have a high shipping volume with your carrier. The implication of an annual rate increase for shippers and eCommerce store owners is that they might need to adjust the prices of their products to protect their bottom line.

Carrier price changes along with different shipping options and shipping zones make shipping parcels more complex.

The weight and size of your package greatly impacts the total shipping cost. One of the most effective ways to target lower rates is to use alternative packing materials like poly mailers instead of cardboard boxes.

Cardboard packaging is heavy, and using lightweight poly mailer bags to ship packages helps you cut down on package weight. Similarly, cardboard box sizes are fixed, meaning its package dimensions decide the shipping costs even if there is empty space inside. In contrast, poly mailer bags are compact, making them more cost-effective than cardboard boxes for shipping non-fragile items like sweaters and pillows.

Another great way to lower shipping costs is to use packing supplies provided by your shipping carrier. Major carriers like FedEx, USPS, and DHL offer discounted packing materials to small retail stores and eCommerce businesses.

Experienced shippers know that buying packing materials like boxes, poly mailers, and dunnage in bulk achieves cost savings in the long run. Each unit cost reduces for each parcel when you buy packaging in bulk quantity.

When you self-fulfilling orders, you usually spend a lot of time receiving and processing orders. As a result, you have less clarity about the effects of shipment cost trends on your business.

A logistics intelligence tool gives you access to data analytics and automation tools that help you identify opportunities for cost savings. It lets you compare and analyze different shipment scenarios to understand true fulfillment costs.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment to a 3PL, offering flat rate shipping, and investing in a logistics solution are just a few simple ways you can reduce shipping costs and better manage the impact of carrier rate changes on your business.

Sifted Logistics Intelligence offers tools for shippers to better optimize and understand their shipping costs and where they can be reduced. Ready to protect your business from shipping fee changes?

Get a demo with Sifted today! Categories: All. Tags: All. Decision Support See how supply chain adjustments pay off before you pay out.

Carrier Management Streamline how you manage your carrier operations and contracts. For Amazon FBA Sellers: Marketplace Intelligence. Not sure if you have an account? Email [email protected]. Decision Support.

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Download Now. Consider outsourcing portions of order fulfillment to a 3PL. Weigh packages and reduce dimensions. Offer a flat rate shipping fee to all customers.

Prepay shipping to save money on shipping labels Factor in all fees Work with providers

Reduced shipping charges - Use the “right” packaging Prepay shipping to save money on shipping labels Factor in all fees Work with providers

Fuel costs have certainly been a hot topic as of late, no doubt because fuel prices started to surge ahead of the busy summer travel season. In the same way fuel costs impact anyone with a personal vehicle, they also play a significant role in the world of shipping and fulfillment. Regardless of which freight or delivery service you use, all modes of transportation rely on fuel.

And when fuel prices are on an upward trajectory, you can expect your shipping costs to follow suit. But once these prices stabilize or start going down , then the costs for air freight, ocean freight, trucking, and shipping containers tend to go down as well.

If your ecommerce brand ships to international customers, duties and taxes will definitely affect total shipping charges. Surcharges are basically all the miscellaneous expenses that come with shipping your products.

Although delivery surcharges can really vary, the most common examples include:. While these fees are usually pretty affordable, they can add up quickly.

With so many factors affecting the cost of delivery, is it even possible to achieve low cost shipping while maintaining shipping speed? The short answer is, yes—with the help of the five methods listed below, you can cut costs and still guarantee fast shipping times.

For starters, you should try to reduce your package dimensions as much as you can. Doing so decreases the weight and lessens the amount of packing materials you need to add to the box which is a win-win for reducing your costs. Even better, you can opt to ship in a bag rather than a box.

Speaking of your packing materials, this is another area where you can cut down on costs. By identifying the smallest reasonable packaging filler you need, you can save money on the cost of those materials and the cost for the shipping itself. In fact, air pillows add almost no weight to freight shipments.

It might require a bit of digging, but there are volume discounts and special packages out there that combine hybrid services from multiple partners carriers, warehouses, etc. This way, you can save money while also streamlining your fulfillment services and shipping workflows.

Alternatively, your company can also search for discounted shipping supplies. Large shipping carriers, like UPS and FedEx, will often provide discounted or free packaging materials to small business owners.

Unfortunately, too many retailers stick with the first shipping carrier they come across. You can do this rate shopping with all major carriers for all service levels and special service requests—like Saturday Delivery and Hold at Location, for example.

You can either visit their local offices and speak with them in-person, or call them up to talk through your total costs. Last, but not least, working with a third-party logistics 3PL company can reduce your shipping costs in a big way.

For many reasons, teaming up with a 3PL is the best way to achieve cost savings while also preserving your shipping speed. And because 3PLs ship from multiple warehouses and fulfillment centers, you can reduce the distance orders are traveling and shrink costs as a result.

Partnering with a 3PL saves you on shipping insurance. The insurance with a 3PL is much cheaper than buying your own—and in some cases, it even cuts the price in half , and will help you to avoid insurtech regulatory issues.

The primary benefits of working with a 3PL are:. All in all, 3PLs help with everything from order fulfillment and logistics to quality control services.

Due to their wide-ranging skill set, 3PLs do a ton of work on your behalf so you can focus more on growing your business—like expanding your sales channels or developing new products. Optimizing packaging is crucial to reduce shipping expenses.

Start by using appropriately sized packaging to avoid dimensional weight charges, opting for lightweight materials to minimize overall weight without compromising protection. Utilize flat-rate options when applicable and fill empty spaces in packages to prevent excess dimensions.

Another option is working with a 3PL. An experienced third-party logistics provider will leverage the size and volume of their shipping, and be able to get you a lower shipping rate as a result.

Since they are shipping products not just for a single company, but often hundreds, they have the volume to bring shipping costs down quite a bit. If they are well established, they will likely also leverage historically good relationships with shipping carriers as well.

If you want to offer your customers free shipping, make sure to set a minimum purchase amount as a threshold for that bonus. Any order that does not meet that free-shipping threshold would mean the purchaser will pay for shipping. The main way this can increase profits is by incentivizing your customers to add additional purchases to their order so that they qualify for free shipping.

The big carriers USPS, FedEx, and UPS are not your only choices. There are smaller regional carriers who might be willing to offer discounted rates, or throw in value-added services such as insurance or tracking for free. The drawback is that they often have limited delivery networks. Insurance is often necessary to protect your business from any loss or damage that might occur during the shipping process.

Most shipping carriers offer their own insurance either as a stand-alone charge, or included as part of a product offering such as flat rate shipping or priority mail. There are third-party companies who provide insurance that can often be cheaper than what the the major providers quote.

Shop around to see if you can lower that cost. Shipping involves so many supplies:boxes and envelopes of all sizes, padded envelopes, bubble wrap, tape, labels, and much more.

When you put all of those together it can take a sizeable chunk out of your bottom line. Consider buying them in bulk—most companies offer discounts based on volume orders.

Partnering with a 3PL to outsource your order fulfillment can offer significant cost savings in the long run. It will likely save you time and effort that you can put into other aspects of your business, like marketing, fundraising, or innovation.

A 3PL is a whole company of experts who know shipping best and have well established relationships with most carriers that can provide further cost reductions. Cost-effective 1 day delivery to Canada, 2 day to Mexico, and 3 day delivery to major international cities.

The fastest international UPS service available on Pirate Ship, with morning delivery within days. No monthly fees, label costs, markup, or hidden gotchas of any kind As one of the largest partners of USPS and UPS, Pirate Ship is authorized to offer the deepest discounts available for all their shipping services.

To view our discounted UPS shipping rates , use the rate calculator above. Before Pirate Ship our direct-to-consumer shipping was a scattered, time consuming mess. Switching to Pirate Ship saved us a significant amount of time with each label we created, and saved us money on better USPS and UPS rates!

UPS, the UPS brandmark, and the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. and are used with permission. UPS discounts are off Daily Rates, and are limited to shipments originating in the United States only. UPS may change their rates at any time without notice. Pirate Ship will always pass through the full UPS discounts with no monthly fees or hidden costs.

USPS Corporate Signature, the registered trade dress of USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express boxes, envelopes and labels are trademarks of the United States Postal Service and are used with permission.

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USPS Priority Mail®. USPS Priority Mail® Cubic.

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