Reduced-price allergy-friendly desserts

These sweet little cakes are flavored with lemon zest and vanilla and baked in a muffin tin. If you can't find apricots, plums make an excellent substitution. The best things in life come in threes.

Like these triple-threat cookies, which feature chocolate in three ways: chopped, melted, and drizzled. Give these cookies an unexpected crunch by stirring in a handful of malted milk balls. If you love a gooey center and who doesn't , freeze the portioned dough right on the baking sheet, and bake it straight from the freezer.

You're not reinventing the wheel, just the chocolate chip cookie. Made with a mix of fresh strawberries and strawberry preserves, these bars get candy-apple red on the edges and gooey in the center as they bake.

These one-bowl brownies, made with natural unsweetened cocoa powder, are our go-to for easy weeknight desserts. By under-baking these chocolatey truffle bites, you leave the center with a pudding-like consistency that practically melts in your mouth.

Chocolate chunks are better than chocolate chips. There, we've said it. Make these flourless, chunk-studded cookies with ground and whole oats instead of flour for a crisper texture. You couldn't ask for a better combination of salty, buttery, and chocolate-studded.

Cut into little squares and pack for a picnic. This is a great spot for date night or an anniversary! Initially I felt a little stressed out by the menu because it lists each dish with very little detail. However, our waiter came right over and asked if there were any allergies at the table.

I gave him my allergies and he came back a few minutes later after talking with the chefs and basically went through each menu option and told me how they could make it safe for me.

I got the Branzino and we got the grilled mushrooms, rosemary potatoes and the garlic broccoli for the table. Everything I had was delicious. Best part? They had an AMAZING strawberry sorbet for dessert- dairy-free desserts are hard to come by.

carlinhanley , who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, sesame, shrimp, and apple allergies. They also had passion fruit and coconut sorbets. Super delish highly recommend!! The waitstaff was helpful and the owner came out to share her own story as a parent of a food allergic child.

They do not have nuts or sesame at the restaurant and have a clear allergen protocol that features purple plates and utensils to offer added focus. I only wish we lived closer! dextermom24 , who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, seed, legume, and peach allergies.

The waitstaff was very forthright with the fact they are gluten and dairy-free, and brought me an ingredients list binder it was even teal! when I asked about what my PN, TN, dairy allergy kid could have. They marked the order with his allergens to alert the chefs. They do use bobs red mill gluten-free flour for some items which some people are concerned about for treenuts but we are comfortable with their cross-contamination protocols.

They do have almond milks for drinks and one dessert has almonds on top but we were not worried about cross-contamination. They also use coconut milk in place of dairy for some items but we are fine with that. My sister-in-law got a huge stack of pancakes with strawberries and non-dairy whipped cream.

The kids shared a waffle and wanted more. mrsdanstran , who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies. All employthe ees were very accommodating.

There is even a gluten-free, vegan dessert — the Molly Bar. cetchason , who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, wheat, egg, and avocado allergies. The bowls are all customizable, and everything tastes amazing! I love the mesquite tahini sauce for a creamy dairy-free dressing, and the vegan brownies are a delicious dessert too.

I ordered a vegan pizza and mentioned my nut allergy and she came back to ask if coconut in the vegan sausage was okay or if she should leave it off. For dessert, we had the maple glazed cinnamon knots which were vegan. morganromo , who manages tree nut, milk, and seed allergies.

The entire menu can be made vegan, and there are a lot of gluten-free options as well. The server was very helpful in answering questions about nuts or checking with the kitchen when she was unsure.

I had the jackfruit tinga sopes and a lemon meringue parfait. Our server, Brianne, was amazing and knew the ingredients in every dish. She told me there is gluten in only two menu items, dairy in three. Each course is prepped in its own space and each fryer is used for one item only.

Allergy foods are tagged all the way thru but she went to the kitchen to speak to them to make ensure they knew about my dishes. The food was phenomenal. She made sure all sides ordered were allergy-free in case I wanted to try them. They even have house made sorbet so i could have dessert.

If in Vegas, I highly recommend. knightvine , who manages celiac and soy, grain, legume, avocado, milk, wheat, and banana allergies. They always have Homefree cookies for them to enjoy. Food comes separately with allergies marked with toothpicks. kerryramsey11 , who manages celiac, milk, and egg allergies.

The waitress was very helpful, and worked with the chef to make my son a custom pizza on a vegan gluten-free crust with vegan cheese, veggies, and meats.

They also have a wide selection of vegan desserts. The waitress even sent the baker a copy of his allergy card, and he was able to have two cakes — took them both to go! The traditional empanadas were delicious, but they do have a selection of vegan ones as well.

paallergymom18 , who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, shellfish, grain, egg, and sesame allergies. While the menu is not clearly marked, my waitress was incredibly helpful and was able to guide me through what I could, and could not order.

She was also able to suggest desserts, and I had a fantastic time. The food was great and the ambience was super romantic. I highly recommend for a good date spot. kaylacappiello , who manages celiac and tree nut and milk allergies. tree nut-free!!

Allergy-friendly dessert!!!! Day-to-night restaurant. Working on gluten-free bread options. jmurphy , who manages celiac and tree nut, soy, milk, wheat, fruit, and vegetable allergies.

My favorite!! No dairy in the place which is the best part. The buffalo cauliflower and white pie are my favorites. Have gotten to have pizza during covid by taking out from here as well. This is one of my favorite places ever!! Also, they sell Vegan Treats cannolis so you may get lucky and find a dairy-free cannoli for dessert.

dairyfreeeats , who manages a milk allergy. Such a cute spot in the heart of the West Village. They have everything from salads, to pizzas, to chicken parm and desserts. They can also do dairy-free modifications.

Love it here! alutin , who manages celiac and tree nut, shellfish, milk, grain, avocado, and kiwi allergies. They can modify their menu to accommodate allergies and they have a separate vegan menu. Our son has milk and egg allergies but was able to safely enjoy an appetizer, entree and dessert—which is so rare!

For appetizer, our son had the vegetable tempura which is vegan. For entree, our son had a teppanyaki dish and he selected the teriyaki sirloin steak option with udon noodles instead of soba noodles.

For dessert they modified their banana katsu, which is banana in panko breadcrumbs: we had substituted the ice cream to lemon sorbet on the side, and the caramel sauce was also served on the side in separate ramekins so other family members sharing this dessert could still have the caramel sauce.

Our son ended up choosing to eat just the sorbet when the dessert arrived but we feel confident that the bananas would have been fine for him. ssd , who manages egg and milk allergies. They serve tapas style dishes and fondue both a dinner and dessert version.

Located in the East Village and has a late night menu with discounted tapas and wine. The restaurant is completely vegan. We had sushi, dumplings, kale salad, Dan Dan noodles, and desserts. This is a chain and we will definitely visit our local spot soon!

Not only was this restaurant beautiful with an outdoor patio overlooking the east river, the food was great and the staff was not only knowledgeable, but very kind as well. they ask if what you avoid is an allergy or preference because they have separate pans, utensils, etc for food allergies and take every precaution to avoid cc.

Our lovely server asked the chef what I could eat and I had a choice of at least 4 apps either off the menu or slightly modified the watermelon carpaccio was amazing…so flavorful , same number of mains and I was able to eat dessert sorbet. I highly recommend. They welcome our family with warm arms and every time, Chef Carlo makes me a special dish without any dairy, nuts, or fish.

They are so careful about my allergies and make me feel very welcome with smiles and always helping me find whatever I am in the mood for.

Additionally, they have non-dairy orange sorbet and celebrate birthdays for dessert. blabella13 , who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, and shellfish allergies. Because there are so many vegan options here, I can eat a lot of food, including desserts!

They have vegan shakes, carrot cake, and a very good ice cream sundae. Where else can I get a cheeseburger and a milkshake in one place? The staff and managers go beyond over the top to ensure that our allergy daughter is well taken care of and included. They make her a beautiful filet, potato, vegetable, and even a special safe dessert.

We feel totally safe and comfortable every time we eat here! After notifying the staff of my allergy, they did a wonderful job accommodating!! I had a plain hamburger cooked on a clean area of the grill with onions, lettuce, pickles, and chips on the side!! I also had a wonderful dairy and nut-free vegan sorbet for dessert!

They service was wonderful and atmosphere was as well! Our dining experiences made for a great end to a great day at the Biltmore!! The Food is more on the fancy side, my kids did have options but they say it just ok. Surprised that they offer a safe dessert crème brûlée made with coconut.

All of my food was amazing!! morganromo , who manages tree nut, seed, and milk allergies. Has the most amazing service, food, and atmosphere!!!

We tried the BBQ Nachos, Smash Burger, and Pineapple Upside Down cake and everything was superb! Definitely recommend making a reservation if you ever happen to be in the area!

They take food allergies seriously. The owner and chef are amazing people. The short ribs are ridiculously good! But the big thing is that this is the first time my son has been able to eat eggs benedict outside of our home due to his severe dairy allergy.

And he loved it! Even their cheesecake is dairy-free. warres1 , who manages tree nut and milk allergies. The chef plans out the menu himself each week, and is explicitly welcoming of dietary needs. The food was delicious. We especially enjoyed the lamb riblets with a ginger turmeric honey soy glaze.

We also had the crab cake and the lamb hash. The prickly pear sorbet for dessert was soft, sweet, and a toddler favorite.

The chef even proactively obtained bread from a top-9 free bakery so we could enjoy a bite while waiting for our first course. whirligig , who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, sesame, and egg allergies.

If you enjoy games of any sort and an amazing atmosphere in a very allergen-friendly restaurant, this is a gem.

Amazing menu and service- so welcoming! cstrickland , who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and egg allergies. When we arrived, they had a menu with all items containing the allergens crossed off, and items that could be changed to accommodate marked with stars. My son has allergies to 8 of the 9 minus coconut and almond and a few additional honey and oat.

There were only a handful of items off-limits to him. He was even able to have dessert coconut ice cream with a pomegranate and date molasses , which was a first at a restaurant.

All the food was delicious! This, plus its close proximity to the UPenn campus makes it a go-to for a college student with a milk allergy.

The meals and desserts are delicious, the staff is friendly, and the peace of mind is priceless. jamisonv , who manages tree nut and milk allergies. I noted his allergies when I booked, which the host proactively confirmed upon arrival. When seated, a manager handed our server a post-it with his allergens on it.

Our server even brought up cross-contamination in the fryer, which our guy is okay with. He enjoyed fries and steak and even dessert sorbet!

jackiengai , who manages tree nut, milk, and egg allergies. Our server even brought up cross-contamination in the fryer, which our guy is ok with. He enjoyed fries and steak and even dessert sorbet!!! While dad and I have eaten food from this place many times, Punkin has not. We encouraged her to try the food with an open mind.

She happily ate some safe grilled chicken tenders, hummus, pita, and fruit. Then we brought home a gluten-free and vegan piece of cheesecake Oreo flavor, although they had other options.

I had it with Mariana sauce, sausage, and arugula. I was so so happy to find a restaurant that had gluten free pasta that was also egg free. Owner has celiac and I think a son with a peanut allergy. I even had a safe dessert—peach sorbet INSIDE a peach.

Everything from dinner to dessert was great! Since it is a vegan restaurant, my dairy and egg allergies were not a concern and neither was my peanut allergy. They were helpful when we asked about the peanuts and ensured my order was safe. Super tasty! The food is artisanal and Israel-themed.

Great hip atmosphere and decor. Offers dairy-free, gluten-free, and kosher meals. Extensive cocktail menu. The hummus, trout, avocado rice, and desserts were stellar. bellavoix67 , who manages milk and garlic allergies.

I happened to stumble upon it online and was so glad I did! This vegan restaurant had some AWESOME menu items and great service!!!

They have lots of gluten-free and soy-free options as well, and a note at the bottom of the menu encourages you to talk to your server about any allergies, as they are able to accommodate. I got some nachos to share and a sandwich both of which were great!! Chocolate Plaque No reviews.

Vegan Gluten-Free Brownie Cake. Rugelach Whole Roll. Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake. Chocolate Chippwich Cookie 2-PK.

Chocolate Chippwich Cookie 2-PK 2 reviews. Oatmeal Chai Sandwich Cookie 2-PK. MEGA Monster Cookie. Let customers speak for us from 36 reviews. Great cake, great bakery. Daniel Cates. Blueberry cheesecake. Eileen K. Sooooo Good! Vegan Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cream Cheesecake.

Delicious coffee cake! Cynthia Kilbourne. Stacie Cox. Vegan Gluten-Free Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake. I love everything. Mary Davies.

MA to CA Treats. These have always been my favorite cookies - and they still are. So yummy. DIANE E. Chocolate mousse cake. Vegan Gluten-Free CHOCOLATE TUXEDO CREAM MOUSSE CAKE. Peppermint Karma Sandwich Cookie 6 Pack. Victoria Hajek. I love them!! Elisabeth Nelson. These are the best!!

Soooo yummy!! Vegan Fam builds a gingerbread house. Keri F.

Homefree Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegan, Individually Wrapped Packs, School Safe and Allergy Friendly Snack, oz. (Pack of 10) Our classroom friendly desserts are free from the top 8 allergens and perfect for any celebration or special occasion Voted the best vegan gluten-free bakery in the USA. Los Angeles desserts near you. Dairy-free Egg-free Nut-free Best vegan cake. Regular price Sale price

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3 Healthy(ish) DESSERTS - Vegan + Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free Cookies-and-cream ice pops are a tasty and relatively low-calorie alternative to the store-bought stuff. Sample fitness nutrition subtle treat relies desssrts Electronics freebies online strawberries and whipped cream to achieve Reduced-prlce that satisfies without making you sick to your stomach after. Sangria granita. How Long Will These Cookies Last? My kids love them which makes for a convenient school snack com Continue Reading Gluten Free Dairy Free Seven Layer Bars Photo Credit: www. The food was great and the ambience was super romantic.

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